Services - ITCL


Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort (Paul J. Meyer)


Advanced Technology Services

Industry 4.0 as a model of organization and control of the value chain of the productive cycle along the manufacturing systems. We provide digital solutions throughout the production cycle, enabling the concept of ‘smart factory’.

Business Strategy

We facilitate cooperation in R&D activities between researchers and companies, both in the regional, national and European framework. We dynamize and foster relationships between the agents of the science-technology-company-society system.

Sustainable Mobility

Tools to encourage the use of new forms of transport and mobility organization in urban and business environments. We seek to improve urban mobility by making it more efficient and sustainable by using the electric car, the electric bicycle or the electric scooter, among others.


Planned Courses

Training courses catalog renewed every year, based on market demand, with the aim of offering professionals the skills and abilities they are already applying as in new technologies and knowledge that comes from the hand of Industry 4.0.

Online Courses

The specialized ITCL training makes it possible to access the courses from anywhere thanks to the ITCL Virtual Online Training platform. A concept that seeks to help graduates to expand their training from the office, their job or from home.

Advanced Programs

Strengthen managerial skills or technical knowledge, in addition to work methodologies and leadership capacity. We help active professionals to successfully tackle the challenges arising from their professional activity in their different fields of expertise and business activity sectors.