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ITCL, Institute of Technology of Castilla y Leon, ITCL, is a private non-profit foundation.  It is a Technology Centre recorded in the register of Technology Centres Ministry of Economy and Financeaccording to R.D. 2093/2008, with the registration number 45.

Information Protection

Cyberattacks have become one of the main problems within the business world because the level of preparedness for such threats too often is insufficient

Safe and healthy food chain

Technology is an ally for the control of infectious diseases in livestock and aquaculture production, achieving 100% control of the food chain.

Smart transport

Improving transport safety and efficiency by facilitating control, management and efficiency is the objective of an expanding area.

Health technologies

The application of technology in health field is a real revolution, at the time of an advance in the treatment of diseases and the evolution of diagnoses and treatments.

Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence

The application of Artificial Intelligence helps to improve productivity and reduce costs by promoting a new productive model and new work areas.

Intelligent Manufacturing

The path to Industry 4.0 changes the approach of companies towards an industrial revolution that demands changes to achieve the improvement of production processes in the industrial sector.


ITCL Technology Centre will be present at VRCAI 2019 in Australia

Carlos Alberto Catalina participates in the world’s largest congress dedicated to the world of virtual and augmented reality Industry experts from around the world will gather in November in Australia at VRCAI 2019. A congress to be held in the Australian city of...

Can serious games help shape behaviour?

Internet safety and bullying are concerning issues today with many people seeking solutions to deal with them. An EU-funded project investigates the effectiveness of one of these solutions – serious games – in supporting behavioural changes in young people. When it...


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