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“Dejad que cada cual se entregue a la práctica de aquel oficio que conozca bien” (Cicero)

Intelligent Manufacturing

The road to Industry 4.0 changes the approach of companies towards an industrial revolution that demands changes. The main one is to have intelligent manufacturing systems to improve production processes in the industrial sector. 

Health technologies

The application of technology in the field of health and health represents a true revolution, as well as an advance in the treatment of illnesses and the evolution of diagnoses and treatments.

Smart transport

Improving transport safety and efficiency by facilitating the work of control, management and efficiency is the objective of an expanding area.

Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence

We work to facilitate the application of Artificial Intelligence to all fields of action. ITCL has a specific area that works the applications of this technology with a wide trajectory and successful application.

Safe and healthy food chain

The technology is presented as an ally for the control of infectious diseases in livestock and agricultural production to achieve 100% control of the food chain.

Information Protection

Cyberattacks have become one of the main problems within the business world because the level of preparedness for such threats is too often insufficient.